I’m simply not willing

A fair amount of people guess that women have it difficult in the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C field, because they aren’t accepted well by buyers & fellow employees, well I am here to inform you that there are some equally difficult parts about myself and others being a male Heating, Ventilation, & A/C worker.

I am a good-looking guy & I take care of myself. I go to the gym 5 afternoons a month & I find it difficult to maintain a superb physique. I often get flirted with at work when I go to Heating, Ventilation, & A/C repair calls, however there seems to be a lot of lonely women at the condo during the day. About two weeks ago, I was placed in a terribly uncomfortable situation; One of our buyers was completely over the line & really inappropriate. I was there to repair a heat pump issue & I did our best to complete the job separate from getting into an uncomfortable situation. The lady was aggressively flirting with myself and others as much as I was trying to spurn her advances, then after I left the job site, she called the corporate office & told them that I tried to pick her up! My boss had to suspend me for about a month while they conducted an investigation. When I tried to tell our boss a different side of the story, I don’t guess he really believed what I was saying. I really guess he thought I was guilty, but I was a perfect gentleman & nothing however a professional during the entire encounter. Thank God the woman finally decided to drop the issue, because I guess I was going to get fired.

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