I’m still not sure about our condo association

When we moved into our condo last year, I wasn’t really sure about how I was going to feel about the condo association.

I really don’t like lots of rules and I hate being told what to do, but my husband was all about it. He said that he was sick of doing repairs in the house on things like the refrigerator and the heating and cooling system and he just wanted someone else to handle it from now on. He also was really looking forward to leaving all of the yardwork and maintenance up to someone else. He says that he has mowed the yard enough to last him for the rest of his days! Anyway, the one good thing that I have found about living in a condo is the fact that they do take really good care of the HVAC system in our place. We haven’t had to do any heating and cooling maintenance from the day that we moved in. my husband is happy that he no longer has to be concerned with changing out the air filters when they need it or even cleaning the air vents. The condo association has a deal set up with one of the local commercial HVAC companies. They come out twice a year and do a complete ventilation system cleaning and they also change the air filters for us. In my husband’s opinion, this is the very best part of living in a condo instead of in a house. All of this is already included in our condo association fees and so we don’t have to worry about paying the HVAC company ourselves.

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