I’m tired of waiting for my boyfriend to put me first

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months. We met at a club when both of us were there with a couple of friends. My boyfriend was very sweet and kind and he offered to buy me a drink. We sat down at a booth and started talking about life and work. I knew my boyfriend worked for an HVAC repair company. He told me that he was often busy and worked a lot of long hours. We didn’t have our first date until two weeks after our first meeting, because he had to work on the weekend. We had a couple of dates and then things started to get serious. My boyfriend wanted me to move into his apartment, but I didn’t want to live there by myself. He was always working on HVAC repairs and I didn’t want to spend every night alone. My boyfriend promised that he would cut back on his hours if I moved into the apartment. He told me that it would be no problem after summer was over, because there would be many less AC repairs. It’s been 6 months since I moved into the apartment with my boyfriend and he still hasn’t cut back on the hours at work. He is constantly working on an HVAC repair or installation. He always answers the phone when work calls, even when it isn’t time for him to work. I’m really tired of waiting for my boyfriend to put me first. I really thought my guy would follow through on his promise to work less.

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