Imagining a summer without my heat pump

I don’t even like to thing about it.

But, given my weird brain, I am often drawn to the thought of what our summers would be like without modern HVAC technology.

I sort of shudder at the thought actually. This reaction is due to just how extreme the summer heat can get around here. For some heating and cooling perspective, the air conditioning starts cycling on around mid March in this region. Then it runs to one degree or another until about November at least. However, there is a time period of four months where the HVAC cooling is running night and day. And I’m the type that is always very disciplined with the thermostat setting during the summer. This is the only way I can keep the HVAC cooling bills from killing my household budget. So, it’s hot here and by noon each summer day, you need to be submerged or inside the air conditioning until like 5 or 6 pm. And this is what makes me wonder just how it would be if we didn’t have modern HVAC technology. Our heat pump is simply an essential piece of our home. Yet, that residential HVAC technology is barely even 70 years old. There sure were people living here before that. The only thing that I can imagine was that it was up super early to do work. And then during the middle of the day, it was find some shade and something to fan yourself with. It’s just hard to imagine. Perhaps we shouldn’t take our modern HVAC technology quite as for granted as we do.


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