Inlaws hate me for thinking energy efficiency matters

Sometimes I really wonder about my wife’s parents.

I think they are generally good human beings but we have such differing opinions on life that it can be difficult to have a real conversation. For as long as we’ve been married, my wife and I have kept our distance from her parents. If we ever get into the same room we all wind up arguing because of our differing opinions on politics and culture. My wife and I happen to be fairly progressive, but her parents are extremely conservative. This means we get into a lot of verbal conflicts. You never have any idea what is going to set these people off next. A few years ago, for instance, I made the mistake of having a new heating, cooling, and air quality control system installed in the house. Apparently I should have asked my in-laws opinion about the indoor air handling control devices before I purchased them from the local heating and cooling repair shop. Shortly after having the HVAC system upgraded we were telling my in-laws about the experience with our new heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment. I mentioned that the entire HVAC system was now extremely energy efficient and I felt good about reducing our carbon footprint. That’s when the conflict erupted. Apparently, my in-laws didn’t want to hear about my energy efficient heating and cooling equipment, because global warming isn’t real. Everytime the heating and cooling system comes up we have another fight over the conspiracy of energy efficiency. I know in-law relationships are complicated, but I am hated because of my HVAC system.


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