It doesn’t take much to keep HVAC in great shape

Neglect is something that I have been guilty of when it comes to a lot of the stuff that makes living life a bit easier for us.

This is not something that I am at all proud of and I do my best to correct the behavior when I see it.

Like instead of hanging out in the air conditioning on a Saturday morning, I’ll go get the oil changed in my car on time for once. My form of neglect when it comes to important tools of life is more out of laziness than anything else. There isn’t a better example of this than my HVAC responsibilities. I have been rather neglectful when it comes to the HVAC equipment and doing the stuff I need to do to keep it in shape. Again, I’d rather bask in the comfort of quality heating and air than be bothered to do the chores that keep it in good shape. But I’m changing that. Afterall, it really isn’t like some long drawn out process when it comes to looking after the HVAC equipment. Basically, it’s pretty simple. So I’m setting alarms now across all of my devices to remind me to go spend 20 minutes a month on my HVAC chores. It starts with a simple HVAC air filter change. The air filter needs to be changed once per month to ensure the best air flow for the HVAC unit. Once that’s done, I then take a walk around the house to make certain that all the HVAC air duct vents are open and/or unobstructed. Finally, I make a quick trip outside to check to be sure the HVAC cabinet outside isn’t obstructed with weeds or anything like that. And the HVAC maintenance is covered since we belong to an HVAC service plan.

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