It was blocked up

It was driving me crazy why the air vents of my central heating and air conditioning system were not pumping out right.

I dealt with it for about a month or so before I finally broke down and called my local heating and air conditioning company to have one of their top and most certified heating and cooling specialists come out to have a look to see what was going on.

It turned out that my ductwork was clogged and that was what was causing it. I had to make the decision to pay the certified heating and air conditioning specialist to do a very deep ductwork cleaning of my central heat and a/c system. I decided on it. So the heating and air conditioning specialist went out to his HVAC truck and got everything that was needed to get this ductwork cleaning under way. The ductwork cleaning was so detailed and it was so clogged that it took the heat and a/c specialist over an hour just to clean the ductwork! Usually a good ductwork cleaning can be done within a half an hour, but because of how bad my ductwork was it took double that time. The heating and air conditioning specialist was a good heat and a/c contractor, so he felt for me and gave me a break on the price. He just charged me for a regular ductwork cleaning instead of the deep ductwork cleaning he ended up having to do. This was because I was already a loyal customer of this local heating and air conditioning company.



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