It was terrifying working on a team of ghost hunters

There was a time when I decided to do a task for these people who called themselves ‘Ghost Extinguishers’… They basically were a team of ghost hunters who would task to remove spirits from people’s homes or places of business. The crew were great enough people but I guess the task wasn’t for me! I thought the pay was pretty great as well as I thought it was great that every one of us had the opportunity to even wind up on television… While the thought of being on television was enticing, the thought of looking exhausting on television doesn’t make myself and others think too good. I only worked with the Ghost Extinguishers for a few weeks before I eventually had to call it quits. First of all, every one of us went into all sorts of uncomfortable places. I’m talking about all sorts of abandoned hotels, castles, prisons, as well as things of that nature. These places aren’t always equipped with HVAC systems as well as if they have them, they are not always working… You can’t expect an abandoned building to have HVAC program updates can you? I also didn’t care about the experiences I had with spirits. I didn’t think if I believed in spirits or not when I first started working with these people, but I honestly know now. I have heard voices, footsteps, as well as I have documented some truly unusual phenomena that I could not explain apart from being literally something from the supernatural world. It was too much for myself and others to handle when something unseen grabbed myself and others hard enough for myself and others to fall down. It was a scary moment for myself and others as well as I just couldn’t bring myself to carry on with that work, which the crew was understanding! Now I have an office job with comfortable temperature control settings, however it’s really kind of boring.


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