It’s easy to forget about an HVAC system that is in an attic

Owning an air conditioning component in the attic may seem to be a good system until concerns start trickling in after the other, then unless you are planning to use the attic section to act as a living area, it is advisable to insulate and simply leave it alone.

Unfortunately, in a bid to make their homes more comfortable, many homeowners install heating and air conditioning systems in the attic and forget about them; this is a recipe for disaster because, more often than not, many people forget about things they do not see officially… As such, they are less likely to invest in usual service of the attic a/c or even realize when it breaks down.

One of the single greatest challenges with installing a heating and cooling component in the attic is that you are not likely to think when something wrong happens, more so if used on sparse occasions. Most heating and air conditioning professionals will recommend homeowners to install their units at a visible location to see, hear, and odor when things go wrong. This helps them to get prompt heating and air conditioning repair services and avoid costly repairs and replacements; installing a heating and air conditioning component in the attic means lessening the insulation. This exposes the crevices that may have been covered before, making it easy for heat to escape through the attic. Overall, this is a setback since the component will have to work many times harder to compensate for the lost heat. There is also the ambient attic temperature trickling to other areas of the modern home and affecting the heating and cooling efficiency of the other system. Multiple penetration points are not a fantastic thing for heating and air conditioning units.

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