Jammed Up Air Filter

I have recently noticed that the air quality in our house has gone down.

I guess it’s summertime plus pollen is prevalent in the area that I live, but I have never had complications with our allergies before.

I even went to our doctor plus he mentioned that I might need to check our air filter plus see if that is causing the issue with our allergies. So I looked at our air filter plus it looked love it might be jammed. I can’t even remember the last time that I changed out our air filter so I was a little worried to change it myself. I thought it would be a great method to have an HVAC worker come out plus look at our HVAC system plus just make sure that everything was working properly; When the HVAC worker arrived at our house plus looked at our HVAC System he started to laugh plus asked when the last time I change the filter was. I told him that I couldn’t remember but I suppose he already knew that. He said that whoever changed the air filter last time didn’t remove the seasoned air filter so there was an seasoned air filter jammed behind the modern 1. This is causing several problems plus wasn’t allowing the air filter to work properly. I believe I have our kid to suppose for figuring out our HVAC complications because without his I would never have thought to call this look love trash supplier