Keeping the air wipe with Heating & Air Conditioning filtration

I’m doing just about anything that I can do to help our situation.

The pandemic has forced us inside the Heating & Air Conditioning of our home.

As a family, all of us have never faced this much time together & easily not under such extreme circumstances. But honestly, I think all of us are holding up pretty well. Both my husbandy & I kissed our perfectly Heating & Air Conditioning controlled offices goodbye when all this started. It was remotely working from home which I think will continue for long time. My business is already considering not renewing the lease on our office space. That’s ashame because I loved that office. I even had my own Heating & Air Conditioning thermostat. But, I can’t easily blame them. That currency could be used in a much more crucial way. The kids are also home most of the afternoon. They are homeschooling this year. It’s not that big a deal. My husbandy & I trade off through the afternoon monitoring them & helping where all of us can. With all of us inside the Heating & Air Conditioning, I wanted to up our air filter game. Actually, I should have done this some time ago but, I just didn’t. The cheap Heating & Air Conditioning air filters are what I have always chose because well, they’re cheap. In the name of better air quality & a healthy immune system, I recently replaced the air filter. I chose a HEPA type filter that removes over 99 percent of airborne contaminants. I was amazed by the difference it made. The air is just cleaner. I’m not the only a single, my kids couldn’t assume the difference & my husbandy says it makes the air even smell better. It was really worth the extra cost to get the HEPA type air filter.

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