Looking for energy saving measures

In my local area, the weather is a year round challenge.

It’s not uncommon for the temperature to drop well below zero in the winter and remain there for several weeks.

We endure brutal wind chill and endless amounts of snow. The freezing conditions typically last for approximately six months. Both the spring and fall seasons are usually chilly and rainy and require us to rely on the heating system. While our summers tend to be brief, they are extremely hot and humid. Between running the furnace and air conditioner, the cost of temperature control is about 50% of my monthly utility bills. That expense is a good reason to be on the lookout for energy saving opportunities. I continually search for new ways to reduce the workload of the heating and cooling equipment. I try to eliminate energy waste wherever possible. I recently spent a very unpleasant weekend removing the old insulation from my attic and replacing it with new. The insulation had become dirty, damp and compromised by rodents. The job of removing it was horrible. The attic was terribly overheated and stuffy. The high temperature convinced me that the insulation was no longer providing a sufficient barrier against the outdoor conditions. Since heat naturally travels to a cooler space, this created a problem in both winter and summer. The heat from the attic was making the whole house feel warmer in the summer yet stealing our heated air during the winter. While the project was dirty and time-consuming, replacing the insulation in the attic made a big difference in my heating and cooling costs. I’ve also invested in thermal pane Energy Star rated windows and exterior doors.


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