Mashed Potato Nightmares

I don’t need an oneirologist to tell myself and others what our most vivid recurring dream means, it happens every Thanksgiving when I doze off after our annual binge-eating episode; My belly is full, although I still dream that I am at a restaurant feeling entirely hungry, however the only item on the menu is mashed potatoes, then the hostess arrives plus serves most people at the table an equal, however a small portion.

It makes no difference if the woman is a small child or a “plus-size” adult like I am with our fondness for the pureed potato dish. I want more plus the hostess obliges by instantly adding gravy, parsley, or butter. The dream ends as I gasp in horror at our immense tab as the additional servings plus all the toppings are itemized on the check. I get this same feeling of horror when I get our energy bill each week. The first 500 Kilowatt Hours (kWh) are like that first serving of mashed potatoes that most people gets at a satisfactory price. Then, any additional consumption is charged at a much higher rate just like those extra servings in our dream. Then I see all the energy surcharges for peak-minute use, street lighting, delivery plus taxes all dripping like butter over the basic charge. The next time I have this dream it will end up happier because I am on a program to reduce our energy use by keeping our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C idea running more efficiently with familiar cleaning by a qualified Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C professional team. That alone has proven to save up to 30% off an average energy bill. I like butter plus sour cream on our mashed potatoes, although I can do separate from the higher tier charges on our weekly energy bill.


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