Mental and physical fitness

I am big, and always will be.

I accept myself for who I am, and am comfortable in my own skin.

I was always a big kid, bigger than all the other kids. Yes I got teased about it, mercilessly at times, and in particular high school was very difficult for me. It took a bit of therapy to convince me that no two people are exactly the same, so being different wasn’t a problem, as long as I was doing my best. My therapist also encouraged me to get up and around more often, not in an effort to lose weight, just to make myself stronger. Exercise isn’t always about becoming beautiful, it’s about being healthier and more robust. There is also a profound connection between mind and body, so better physical fitness can lead to better mental fitness. At the very least it was worth a try, so I started on a very mild but consistent regimen of physical fitness. I replaced some of my snacking with salads, and started gently increasing my exercise periods every day, taking longer and longer walks. Even though it wasn’t a real workout program, more of a heightened level of activity ,I could feel it affecting my mood in a positive way. I am excited to try and step things up a notch, maybe even take some exercise classes at the local gym, and see how that feels. If my mental fitness can keep up with my physical fitness, then all of a sudden the future looks a lot brighter to me.

Health and wellness