Might be a bit obsessed

I admit that I am more than a little obsessed with my level of physical fitness. No matter what is going on in my life or with my day to day schedule, I make time for a 60 min workout every single day. I officially get my fitness regiment completed as soon as I get up in the day. I then have a much more productive day. I am in a great mood, feel accomplished plus am more energized. I don’t need to deal with guilt over everything I eat. I recognize that I occasionally take my commitment a bit too much. I am rarely too sick to workout. Headaches, fever, sore throat plus stomach issues don’t keep me from exercising; Unless I’m vomiting plus unable to get up off the couch, I get my workout in. Occasionally, I feel better afterward. Other times, I make the health issue much worse. Not that long back, I pulled a muscle in my right leg. It was really the most painful thing I’ve ever had. It hurt at all times but became especially drastic whenever I attempted to sit down. The pain was so horrible that I cried. The doctor recommended over-the-counter painkillers plus resting the leg. I managed to skip my workout for a few mornings, but being sedentary drove me insane. On the third day, I drove to the local track. I tried to run and it was agony. I attempted to speed walk and just about crippled myself. I finally convinced myself to stick with upper body exercises.


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