Mold and fungi caused clogging in my HVAC unit

Last year I came into work a little late, then it had been a busy season with so many tourists around that I overslept.

When I got to the cafe, our chef was already prepping the morning’s specials. I apologized for my tardiness and began my monthly chores. Since I’d opened the establishment, business was booming. It was the warm season, and numerous more people were coming out for beverages and pastries while in the outdoor area. As I was cleaning, I noticed the room was getting hotter. Something was wrong with the air conditioner since it wasn’t blowing chilly air. I went to check it and saw some water on the floor beneath it. Days were getting hotter, so we had been overworking the AC. I suspected there was an issue that’s why the HVAC method wasn’t cooling the cafe. Immediately I got on the cellphone with the air conditioner repair supplier for assistance. After explaining the matter, they sent over an AC mechanic to take a look. When he arrived, he unblocked the cooling component and began checking different parts. After a few minutes, he found the condensate drain pipe was blocked, that’s why the aircon was leaking water and not blowing adequate chilly air, and he explained to me that a buildup of mold and fungi caused the clogging. It’s why AC services recommended repair for the devices. He took some time unclogging the heating and cooling component drain pipes. Additionally, he cleaned the dirty air filter and put the AC method back together. When he put it back in, it was working once more, blowing ample chilly air. That experience made me see the importance of performing respected HVAC repair to increase the durability of the cooling device. Also, I had the AC expert check the control component for any faults before he left for another appointment.


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