Moving for better air

Looks like we’re packing up and moving away. Again. I really didn’t want to move this soon, but I’m not sure what else I can do to avoid this discomfort and financial disaster. Feeling uncomfortable every moment of every day really hasn’t been the best experience of my life. I can tell you, I never realized how much heating, cooling, and air quality control played with my mental health and overall life satisfaction until I lived in a home where the air quality was horrible. I guess when you’re operating a 10 year old heating, cooling, and ventilation system, you have a lot to desire. For instance, any sort of reliable temperature control. Let me just say, I’ve never had a less trustworthy thermostat in my life. I never know if the AC unit and heating system is going to do what I ask, or if there will be hot and cold fluctuations destroying my day. I feel like a slave to my indoor air handling devices, because they are always requiring more professional attention and investment to keep the heating, cooling, and air quality control devices alive. Eventually, it has gotten so bad in my home – with uncomfortable hot and cold patches, high energy bills, and changing thermostat programs – that I eventually decided it was best to just move. I know, leaving behind one failed heating and cooling system for another HVAC plan seems a bit drastic, but so are the professional heating, cooling, and air quality control fees that I’m facing for a full HVAC overhaul.

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