My best neighbor enjoys fixing Heating and A/C units

My best neighbor enjoys fixing Heating and A/C units; It all started a few years ago when her mom’s window cooling system stopped toiling… She wanted to help out her Dad since her dad had passed away a few years before.

She determined to service her window cooling system without making her spend our money a dime for it.

She brought the window cooling system over to our loft and asked myself and others if I had any Heating and A/C experience or could at least help him figure out what was wrong with the cooling system. I had no plan how to service anything on an cooling system, however I decided I would do our best to help him, but every one of us took the cooling system apart, and I hardly even said or did anything; Fixing the cooling system seemed to come so naturally to our neighbor and she figured out what the problem was with the cooling system and fixed it suddenly, and after that she fell in appreciate with fixing all things Heating and A/C. she didn’t just stop with that cooling system, the next week she fixed her Grandmother’s oil furnace system, and then she came over and fixed our central cooling system for no charge. She suddenly figured out that she had a passion for Heating and A/C mechanics, and decided to go to a local university for an Heating and A/C degree. Although she didn’t prefer the type of labor she did in university, our neighbor did really well and graduated with straight A’s. she suddenly got a task at a local heating and cooling company and was truly successful, and you never suppose what you might appreciate doing until you put your mind to it.


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