My boss’s kid isn’t a hard worker

4 years ago, I started working for a temporary job service that specializes in construction works.

it was hard to find a task in the construction industry due to the unions.

I needed a way to get my foot in the door and I knew that a temporary task agency would be our best bet. I spent 6 weeks finally working for dimes and nickels before I got noticed. The boss asked me to work full time and I received benefits like dental, vision, and medical insurance. I switched from the temporary task agency to a position with the construction dealer. I’ve been with that same commercial construction corporation for the past 4 years and I have received 2 promotions. I started working as a laborer, cleaning up around the worksite. After I was hired full time, l acquired how to hang drywall. Now I have a crew of 25 men that are in our charge and I am the head of the drywall division! One of those 25 contractors is our boss’s idiot son. The kid clearly has not done a single hard day of work in 10 years, then he complains and whines about every task that he has to complete! Last week, he was hanging drywall in a basement and he fell asleep next to the boiler. I wanted to suspend the guy for a couple of days, but our boss said no. Anyone else would have been fired on the spot. One afternoon this guy is going to be my boss and that makes me know a little exasperated, a little ill, and a lot miserable.

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