My cousin is starting her own HVAC repair business

My cousin Grace has a very interesting idea for a business.

I love Grace, we have been very close going back to childhood, where we were actually raised as siblings by my Aunt after my parents passed away.

As much as I love her, I don’t know if I am willing to gamble several thousand dollars to help bankroll her idea. She needs startup money, of course, some initial capital to get all the tools and resources she needs to work. Once she is up and running, she will be making money within weeks, not months, but it’s still a gamble. She believes that a female HVAC tech service will be more welcomed into homes then the all-male companies. When I disagreed with her, she showed me her marketing plan, and how she intends to focus her promotions on the key demographics, so that any woman in the city who Googles an HVAC company will see hers first. I didn’t know that you could push your advertisements towards a gender, but she can, and knows that women will respond to her ads for a “kinder, gentler” HVAC company. If she is right, then there are a whole lot of customers out there who would prefer not to have a strange man in their home, even if that man is certified for HVAC work. Single moms, senior citizens, and many other people would be more comfortable with a female HVAC tech in their home. I know it’s a big risk, but she believes in this HVAC idea, and I believe in her, so I will probably back Grace’s new venture.


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