My friend told me my A/C is inefficient

I was in the middle of doing my laundry when I suddenly got a phone call.

This was a bit unusual, because I don’t get calls very often, except for the occasional annoying scam likely.

So, I put my laundry basket down, and rushed over to pick up the phone. When a familiar voice asked for me over the phone, I almost fell over. It was my old high school sweetheart, Ron! I always was career oriented, and I wanted to go to college. Ron wanted me to stay with him, but he also wanted to go to college. We ended up splitting up, while respecting each other’s wishes. So him calling me out of the blue was exciting and unexpected. We immediately made plans for him to come over to my place tomorrow. Tomorrow came and he arrived as planned. Apart from growing an inch or two, he looked just like he did in high school, except a little older and more mature. We started catching up, but I noticed he looked concerned. I asked what was wrong, and he asked about the heating and cooling system. Bewildered, I led him to my HVAC system. He inspected my HVAC component for several minutes, before turning and telling me that it was a very inefficient A/C system. I guess I must have looked confused, because he continued by saying he was a HVAC technician and my air conditioner simply didn’t work as well as it should. He told me he could work on my cooling system for free, and make it work like new. I graciously agreed to his offer, and then we went back to other topics.



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