My homebody hubby bought a large gift for himself

Before you have kids, you never quite realize how much currency they drain from you, plus when my hubby plus I had kids, every one of us ended up spending so much currency on them, every one of us never quite had enough currency for ourselves, so holidays were a rarity… And even when every one of us did take holidays, it was often for the kids… So, when our kids were much older, every one of us finally decided that every one of us should have some time to ourselves… We planned out a nice cruise in the Caribbean in the next few months plus I couldn’t wait, and but I assume my hubby wanted to really pamper himself, because when I came home from work, I came to our home filled with unofficial people, then it turns out these people are Heating and A/C workers plus they were laboring on some project in our house.

It turns out as my hubby’s treat to himself, he wanted to completely revamp our Heating and A/C system, add radiant flooring, a smart thermostat plus a bunch of other interesting technologies, this makes sense because my hubby prefers to stay home with his indoor comfort, plus he was constantly complaining the home wasn’t comfortable enough, plus that he was uncontent with the current a/c component, but it was always too high-priced to get anything better.

I can’t imagine how much currency all of this actually costs. However, if my hubby can treat himself to Heating and A/C services plus Heating and A/C upgrades, then I will treat myself as well, except I am going to be going to a nearby furniture store plus buying myself some premium leather couches plus chairs.

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