My mother bribed me with a chocolate shake

When I was a young child, my mother could get me to do any chore, any errand or get me to enhance my grades by bribing me with a specialty chocolate shake.

Those chocolate shakes were my life source back then, I thrived off of those things, and I never got tired of them.

My mom totally took advantage of this, by getting me to do chores like changing out the A/C filter. Obviously, when I grew older that didn’t work so much. As time passed and I moved out and started a life of my own, it’s like in the blink of an eye, I suddenly had a family of my own. My time and talking to my parents became less and less, until we only talked on the holidays. I got so distracted with my life, I had forgotten the importance of my parents, and the impact they had on my life. I knew my mother was getting older, but it never occurred to me that something bad could happen. It wasn’t until she was in the hospital because she had a really bad fall, that it brought me back to reality. I visited her in the hospital, and thankfully she was okay. My mother, still having her sense of humour, told me that she would give me a chocolate shake if I helped her figure out what was wrong with her HVAC unit. She went into detail that right before the fall, her house was really cold and she thinks the heater stopped working. I didn’t mind helping her at all with the HVAC component, and we both already agreed to having a day to ourselves once she was out of the hospital.

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