My mother is in better shape than my boyfriend

My boyfriend and I recently purchased a home together.

The location, size and style of the house is just perfect for us.

However, it is extremely outdated. Nothing has been remodeled in the last thirty years. We are tackling all of the renovation projects with the help of my mom and dad. We’ve ripped out the ugly shag carpets, painted the walls and replaced windows. We gutted the entire kitchen and both bathrooms and installed new cupboards, countertops, appliances and fixtures. We’ve hung new lights, insulated, laid down ceramic tile and even installed new switch plates. Throughout the renovations, we’ve put in eight to ten hour days. The work is very labor-intensive, time-consuming and exhausting. I’ve noticed that at the end of the day, my dad and my boyfriend both complain over sore backs and knees. They barely have the energy to get out of bed the next morning. During the day, they take long breaks. My mother and I never get tired. We are always ready to start the next project. I think the difference is that she and I workout every morning. Even during the remodeling process, we get up extra early to make time for our fitness routine. We take the opportunity to thoroughly stretch our muscles. We elevate our heart rate, get our hearts pumping and keep fit. We are strong and healthy. The constant squatting, lifting and demands of the remodeling projects are no problem for us. It’s a bit aggravating that my 55 year old mother has more stamina than my 29 year old boyfriend. She is in better physical condition than he is. She has less complaints over exhaustion and soreness than he does. Despite all this, I still can’t convince him of the importance of working out.
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