My neighbor is not really handy

I knew that my next door neighbor had a crush on me.He constantly was trying to do things for me and knocked on my door.

I think fixing things around my house was his way of wooing me, then the problem was that my neighbor is not particularly all that handy.

I started to cringe when he would come up my driveway! When he saw me doing a project, I would hurry to finish, but my neighbor recently saw me messing around outside by my outdoor air compressor. My forced air HVAC machine wasn’t turning on. I figured the repair would be simple. When my neighbor noticed I wasn’t having any fortune he rushed right over. He immediately barged into my house and began taking my heating and A/C machine apart. I wanted to google some troubleshooting tips or even call a real HVAC dealer. I think my neighbor took this as his initiation to be my boyfriend. He needed to do the heating and A/C repair in order to earn a date. He kept trying and trying without any luck. He purchased tons of tools and parts at the hardware store. If anything, he made it much worse. He wouldn’t give up though. I knew calling a HVAC professional would just aggravated him. So the 2 of us just double teamed the project until we made the right HVAC repair, then after all of it was done, I realized we worked a full morning on it. I had to give the guy his date after all that effort. We have gone on a few dates now too. Turns out he is a particularly nice guy.



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