My neighbors introduced me to our local HVAC technician.

I loved the new neighborhood I had recently moved to.

I couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was, and how much information they were willing to share with me. I learned about the best shopping center to go to. I found out about the stores to stay away from, and where I could get the best bargains. Another person told me there was only one doctor in town and unless I was pregnant, the drive to the next town was well worth the time. My one question that no one was broaching was who the best HVAC technician was. One man laughed when I asked him. He told me there was only one HVAC company that serviced our area and he was the only HVAC technician in the company. He asked if I would like to meet him? I thanked him and he told me he lived down the street. When we got to the house, he told me to knock and just walk in. I was a single woman and I didn’t feel comfortable just knocking and walking into his home. What would happen if he and his wife were busy? He told me he was the only HVAC technician in the area, and he was too busy for a wife. I knocked on the door, and I was greeted by the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on. I was so stunned that I couldn’t even introduce myself to him. I just mumbled something about needing an HVAC technician. He invited me in for coffee, which ended up being dinner, and a long conversation about his being an HVAC tech and why I moved to this little town..


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