My sibling annoys me

Every single time my sibling comes to visit she is so discouraging! Don’t get me wrong, I care about her dearly & welcome her with open arms into my home anytime she wants to visit with her family.

But she is just a major complainer! The one thing she is consistently complaining about is the central heating & , then she is consistently saying how the heating & the cooling is too high or too low.

She constantly tells me I should get a smart control unit like her & her family have & that I should even invest in a brand current & completely modern central heating & … That’s all nice & fine, but what she does not realize is that I am not as well off as she is. And a brand current & totally modern central heating & a/c plan can be actually costly for the cash I make to live… While on her end of things, it would be nothing to get a brand current & harshly modern central heating & a/c plan unit. She can afford the finer things in life having the high paying task she was fortunate enough to land. Some of us have not been so fortunate in life, however not to mention she has a husband that makes double what she does on top of it. So they are nearly rich. I almost suppose like telling her if she thinks I should get a brand current Heating & A/C plan she should pay for it!

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