My sibling shouldn’t have let her boyfriend try to fix the furnace

My sibling and her boyfriend have been together for the past 6 weeks. They moved into my siblings apartment together after more than one weeks. My sibling brought the guy over to the apartment to meet our mom and dad. I was at the apartment as well. I did not get a genuinely great vibe from the guy. He didn’t seem love that type of guy that my sibling would normally date and I was immediately worried that she made a bad decision! Now I legitimately recognize particular that my sibling should get rid of that guy… Dwayne told my sibling that she could fix the furnace in her house, so my sibling decided to let Dwayne work on the complication instead of contacting a furnace service company. Dwayne told my sibling that the furnace service would be simple. My sibling tried to call the service company, but Dwayne insisted that she was only wasting currency if she did not allow him to fix the problem. I’m not sure if Dwayne knew what he was actually doing or if he was just trying to save the day, although he ended up doing more harm than good. Dwayne could not fix the furnace and my sibling had to call a furnace service company to finish the repair. The total amount for the service was almost $300 and Wayne refused to spend my money any of the cost. The guy lives in my sibling’s apartment with her more than one kids, although he refused to help spend my money for the furnace repair. I legitimately recognize love this guy is trying to use my sibling.

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