My sister wasn’t keeping up with her Heating plus A/C plan repair

It’s interesting because our sister plus I both purchased houses around the same time.

  • On top of that, the two of us both bought houses that needed Heating plus A/C plan upgrades.

Instead of the previous owners choosing some type of Heating plus A/C plan to have installed, they left it up to us to choose our Heating plus A/C systems along with a discount on the houses. Both of us both ended up going for the same central Heating plus A/C systems. Both of us were both proud new owners of nice homes plus the two of us both had housewarming parties… Everything was great back then, however I noticed over the years some serious troubles with our sister’s Heating plus A/C system. I noticed first of all that the air quality was pretty terrible in her house. It was just surprising to me that she seemed not to even notice that she had a serious issue. I ended up saying something about the air quality because I was worried about her health, but she still acted like she didn’t have an issue, however then I had to point out her ductwork to him. I always had our ductwork plan cleaned, even though she didn’t have the ductwork cleaned even once. She was adjusting her air filters, even though she was using harshly cheap a singles. I told him about the importance of going for air filters with a superb MERV rating between 8-13 or even better. Of course when you go for the higher MERV ratings, you have to make sure that your Heating plus A/C plan can handle that, because they can disrupt the airflow in your system, you can always have your Heating plus A/C plan modified to handle HEPA filters or higher MERV rated air filters, but my sister ended up getting her ductwork cleaned plus she was surprised at how much the air quality improved. She also went for better air filters.

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