Need to remove the odor

Like all the people, I like going into the basement once in a while.

I had turned it into a poker area for myself and my friends.

It is no longer fun to play poker down there; There is always a strange odor that I am yet to figure out. The weird odor always seems to come and go. It smells as though there is something moist anywhere, yet all my efforts reveal nothing, and everywhere appears to be dry, but the air is not fresh; After a few tries, I noted that bacteria was growing all over the ceiling. That is when it hit me that the situation with our basement’s heat and cooling moisture was off. Either my gas furnace was not doing its job well, or I needed a quick assessment by our Heating & A/C serviceman, and not wanting the situation to deteriorate, I called our air conditioner expert to have a look. Three days after this, and after a detailed check, it was clear that our Heating & A/C equipment was not performing optimally… Usually, the equipment would release all the excess moisture in the space. The Heating & A/C equipment was not dehumidifying as it should, most of the condensed moisture was not draining as it should. The serviceman suggested on getting a new dehumidifier for the basement. After all, this is not 1 of its main roles, but with this new info, I will be hunting for a new dehumidifier for our guy cave. The amount of calm I get just being down there enjoying a poke night or a game is worth this investment.