Nobody likes the heat and humidity of summer

Every one of us with our fiance in addition to friends decided to go to a theme park.

Every one of us would have had an attractive time, but the outdoor temperatures made it all too difficult.

It had equally been a lot of years since a visit to a theme park and everyone of us tried our best to ride the rides in addition to playing all of the games. Many of the rides were intensely long lines and the people I was with in addition to myself genuinely felt ourselves taking lots of breaks during the day. Many gift shops in addition to cafes had an AC unit running at all times. It was insanely hot outside. Every one of us became upset when the air conditioner wouldn’t job as well as the morning time. As the heart filled up with people, it became more and more difficult for all of those places to accommodate the people. It was absolutely necessary for the doors to remain closed for the AC to work properly and manage indoor temperatures. Unfortunately, so many people going in and out of the building made it impossible for the doors to remain closed. Every one of us tried to maintain a good body temperature, but it was genuinely impossible when most of the places did not have cold AC in the afternoon. A friend of mine that works for an AC company told me that the amusement park probably pays about $200,000 every year just to air condition the couple of places inside of the park that have AC. Considering the AC didn’t work very well on that hot and humid day, I felt it might be an incredible waste of time and money.



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