On the morning of the wedding, the AC stopped blowing cold air

My sister got married last weekend.

She planned the event for a whole year.

She wanted everything to be perfect right down to the smallest details. On the morning of the wedding, my sister and I and all of the bridesmaids were supposed to get ready at my sister’s house. Unfortunately, my sister woke up bright and early and thought the house was as warm as the air outside. The AC unit wasn’t blowing any cold air. My sister was frantic. She called me on the phone and she was crying. I told her not to worry. I called everyone in the wedding party and we agreed to meet at my place instead of hers. While my sister was driving over to my place, I called her fiance and I told him about the problems with the AC unit. I knew they were planning to leave for the honeymoon right after the wedding, but I didn’t want them to come back to a house that didn’t have cold air. I told the guy that I would take care of everything. After they left for the honeymoon, I called an AC repair shop. It was easy to get someone out to the house to give me a free estimate. I paid the bill for the repair with my credit card and my sister’s husband reimbursed me for the charges. My sister was extremely thankful that I handled the problems while they were gone. She had a great time on her honeymoon and she didn’t have to worry about coming home to a house without AC.

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