One of my number one places to eat supper on campus is a small restaurant called the taco bar, then the taco bar is a great arena to eat supper and it is definitely a single arena where my friends and I can rest and hang out for a very long time. The taco bar has hundreds of unusual toppings and everything is available for a single price. The taco bar has chicken, beef, steak, and tofu. They have six different types of cheeses including queso, cheddar, swiss and jack. They have olives, peppers, squashes, and lettuce. They have a few different types of salsa. They also have free Wi-Fi, which makes it a single of the best arenas to eat supper on campus. Unfortunately, the indoor air pollen levels haven't been actually nice lately, it feels like the taco bar needs to make some updates to the AC, but my friends and I constantly rest in the same corner of the home office where there are many different air ducts. Over the past three or four weeks, the indoor air pollen levels have absolutely gone downhill and it's hard to assume any cool air coming out of the A/C air vents above our table. One of my friends complained about the indoor air pollen levels and the lack of A/C and the manager told us that we don't have to rest there for several or several hours. I think that it does not make sense to complain about the lack of cool air when my friends and I rest there every afternoon with free WIFI, while we stuff our faces with all you can eat tacos for a single low price.

Too hot to handle


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