Our cooling bills have been so high this year

Our cooling bills have been extra high this year.

  • It has gotten so poor that I have had to take drastic measures to try and save cash on our cooling bills! I have constantly been pretty lenient when it comes to the temperature settings at our house.

I mean, it never used to bother me if the teenagers would turn the temperature control temperature up and down a couple of degrees or so. However, this year when the summer time weather started heating up in earnest, the cooling bills got to be completely out of control around here. I found out that the teenagers had been going over to the temperature control component whenever they felt adore it and they would turn the air conditioner down as far as they thought they should be. Well, unfortunately for our family, they thought that the air conditioner settings should be around 65 degrees at all times! This ended up leaving me with cooling bills that were sky high! That’s when I decided to draw the line on letting anyone other than me adjust the air conditioner in our house. I thought about putting one of those plastic covers with a lock on it on top of our temperature control, although I didn’t legitimately want to have that ugly box there on the wall in our hallway with the temperature control. I did a little bit of research into our smart temperature control unit, and I found out that there’s a way that I can set a locking code into the temperature control. I decided to just try doing that. With a digital code that locks them out, I believe that I’m going to have lower cooling bills next month!