Our great room heats up too much when the sun shines in

When the afternoon sun shines in through the window during the summer, the great room in our house heats up way too much.

The room starts heating up around noon and stays that way until the sun is down.

It’s really annoying to my whole family because we all really like hanging out together in that room. It’s just too hot in there for us to stay in there long, though. The high temperature seems to put us all in a bad mood. I don’t really know what we can do about it to help keep the room cooler, either. I mean, it’s not like we want to cover up the floor to ceiling windows with heavy drapes or blinds because that means that we would be missing out on the great view of the backyard and the ravine behind us. The view is why we had the floor to ceiling windows put in in the first place. I really feel like our heating and cooling contractor should have been more on top of things when we first built the house. I feel like he should have realized that this would happen with the western facing windows, but he never said a word about it until it was too late. Maybe he was actually looking for some repeat business, because we are thinking about maybe having something called a ductless mini split air conditioning unit installed in the great room. I read somewhere that this type of A/C unit is very powerful and relatively unobtrusive when it comes to your home decor.
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