Parliament session that literary got heated up by the furnace

A space heater was also purchased to serve the parliamentary clerk’s office

Political leaders in our state were very competitive and they always seemed to make it to the news. I was interning as a parliamentary assistant at the time when the leaders were debating on new policies for the schools around the state. The debate had gone on for about 3 seatings and they did not seem to be getting anywhere with the matter. They needed to come to a conclusion about the pending law so that the president could sign it into law. The air conditioning system that was fitted in the parliament building was the dual fuel system which had been installed over 20 years ago. The building manager had made sure to plan periodic maintenance services on the unit with the help of the cooling tech from the cooling corporation. Since the unit was a combination of a gas furnace plus an electric heater, it was crucial to regularly check on the heating equipment to ensure that they functioned optimally. On this particular day, however, the heat pump had a leak and was overworking causing the temperature in the parliament chambers to rise dangerously. The indoor comfort was decreasing resulting in the postponement of the session to the following week. The building managers contracted engineers who knew more about air conditioning to check on the unit. The engineer suggested we change up the old system for new heating units such as the zoned HVAC system. They fit the unit ensuring that the duct sealing was properly done to avoid leaks. A space heater was also purchased to serve the parliamentary clerk’s office. A request to fit heated floors in the building was denied as the unit was very costly and unnecessary for this building. The politicians were back within a week and finally concluded the bill.


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