Performing a heat pump install at my boss’ residence

I had built a good rapport with most of my colleagues including my boss and that had partly earned me my promotion.

I had just been promoted to ahead of the technical department and was responsible for all the site visits. My boss had personally come to me and complained that his indoor comfort had been interrupted and he needed the quality of indoor comfort improved. Some of the follow-up questions I had were what he considered indoor comfort. He talked about having an efficient heating service, he also mentioned not having hot or cold spots throughout the house. He also stated that he thought the gas fireplace was leaking. When I arrived at the residence with my team of heating technicians, I could tell that the furnace was making some weird noises. The central heating system was all rusted and the heat exchanger was broken. We did the heat pump install within two days. For quality heating for his huge mansion, we opted for a zone control unit which ensured all rooms received moderate temperature. Since my boss was very particular about not messing the interior of the house and so we installed a ductless heat pump. We also provided the homeowner with energy saving tips that he appreciated. We also fixed up the fireplace and the local contractor had prepared space on the outside to place the electric furnace that was to be covered during winter in order to protect it from outdoor debris. My boss was very impressed with the job we had done and he happily chatted about how he and his family were enjoying the temperature within the residence. He also mentioned a newcomer in the market, the dual fuel system which we saw was very efficient but a bit costly.


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