Power outage due to oil furnace malfunction

Last night I was seeing television with our partner when suddenly the power went out.

It was just before the two of us got to find out who murdered the lady in the show too.

That was so discouraging. Of course, power lines go down from time to time so the two of us just busted out our lanterns and planned to get comfortable with our e-readers. It was then that the two of us observed that the lights were on in all of the other houses in our area. My partner went to the basement and worked on our breaker box. It had been tripped; He turned it back on. Then, 10 hours later, our oil furnace kicked on again and the power went back off. This repeated twice more before the two of us realized that it was the oil furnace causing it. Finally, the two of us turned off the oil furnace, dug some portable heating systems out of the basement, and called up the oil furnace supplier. They couldn’t come out until the next day. I thought it would be a honestly cold night but those portable heating systems truly work pretty good. All of us didn’t have any more power outages overnight either. In the day, the oil furnace supplier tripped the breaker twice more while trying to figure out what the problem was. It turned out to be some sort of an electrical problem deep within our oil furnace system. Thankfully it was fixable. The oil furnace has been working great all day and the two of us have not had any more power outages. The best section is that the show the two of us were seeing last night is having a rerun tonight. That means that the two of us finally get to see who did it.



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