Providing quality heating to the community home

Community support and empowerment is my forte and is a job I thoroughly enjoy.

When the community home officials visited my office and presented their request to have the community home more comfortable before winter, I agreed to take up the challenge. We were to provide adequate temperatures before the upcoming winter. This was to be done at a subsidized rate since I still needed to pay my team. Before choosing the appropriate HVAC unit, we had to visit the community home with a local contractor, to map out where the central heating was to be placed. We also needed to understand their temperature needs with regard to the size of the building. Since the home had several rooms and partitions, a zone control unit would be ideal in ensuring each partition received quality heating no matter the floor it was on. To keep the rodents from attacking the unit, a ductless heat pump was an ideal unit. We started work by doing the heat pump install as well as cleaning the gas fireplace that already existed. The fireplace was a unit used for heating services when the power was out which happened a lot around this area and also during the winter season. As the heating technicians worked on the furnace, I was advising the officials on some important energy saving tips that would ensure the energy bill did not shoot up but also that the home occupants received adequate temperatures. Though the officials had initially wanted a dual fuel system, they changed their mind when we explained that the current electric furnace was providing the same service at a more affordable rate. Finally, the community home occupants could enjoy a warm place to sleep during winter, everyone was quite excited about this.


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