Radiant flooring is the best heating system

I am convinced that the best type of heating system is radiant flooring.

There are two different types of under-the-floor heating systems, including electric and hydronic.

While the electric style is easier to retrofit into existing homes, the hydronic options offer greater benefits. It starts with a boiler that heats up water. There is a looping network of pipes hidden beneath the floors. The heated water is sent through these pipes and the heat radiates across the surface of the floor. Any objects that are sitting on the floor are warmed up and then also radiate heat. There are no cold surfaces, cold pots or drafts to deal with. The heat is spread evenly from corner to corner and rises slowly. Unlike a forced air system that typically heats a room from the ceiling down, the radiant alternative heats from the floor up. Since air naturally rises, this makes a lot more sense. Plus the highest temperature in the room is closer to the floor, where it does the most good. The temperature anywhere in the room won’t vary any further than three degrees from the thermostat setting. Another advantage is that all of the equipment is hidden. It doesn’t take up any living space, look ugly or require furniture to be arranged to accommodate it. Other than annual upkeep of the boiler, there’s on maintenance requirements. The radiant flooring operates silently, keeps the air very clean and won’t cause issues with insufficient humidity. This type of heating system is wonderful energy efficient and allows for the easy set up of individual zones.

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