Regina updated her 20-year-old Heating & A/C unit

Life had been wonderful for Regina & her family.

After buying her dream home early, she would managed to maintain it & upgrade over the years.

It was such a wonderful property that she got multiple offers from prospective clients. But she kept declining them. The part was growing, & she enjoyed living among many people. So the thought of finding a new locale to live was never appealing. After 20 years, she decided to upgrade some of the appliances in the condo once more; One component she would never changed was the Heating & A/C unit. Her diligence in having an A/C serviceman over often had paid off. Only twice did the cooling system fail during that period. But, the last visit from the Heating & A/C expert was an eye-opener. So many parts needed replacing, which would cost more than buying a new quality AC. The cooling system mechanic provided her referrals to the best Heating & A/C vendors in the area. After making some inquiries, she landed on the right A/C business. The owner was an excellent lady who guided her in purchasing the latest smart A/C for her lovely home. It had the best technology, including voice request for the control unit. After the aircon was delivered to her home, she notified the A/C specialist. She came the following day & took time doing regular Heating & A/C replacement. It was a daunting task that included cleaning out the air vents, then regina kept checking on him & was blissful about the progress. After a few days, the quality Heating & A/C was working perfectly, much to her delight. There were no more problems about the aging Heating & A/C shutting down during the Summer or Winter weeks. After a year, Regina iphoned the Heating & A/C repair to conduct an annual A/C service at her home. Her goal was to keep the heating component for another 2 decades.



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