Rise of scamming HVAC places

The news has reported something pretty scary, and I am really glad I saw it.

The news reported of some fake HVAC companies going around and pretending to do HVAC maintenance and HVAC repair, but instead, they actually slowly remove different parts from your heating and cooling system and replace them with really crappy parts that only work temporarily.

They then sell the good condition parts to other people and places. Then, once the HVAC unit shuts off for good, they explain to the victims that they need an entire new HVAC device and offer a HVAC installation for a “reduced” price. Then they charge them a lot while installing a “new” HVAC unit, which is a cheap knockoff, it also doesn’t help that their “HVAC professionals” aren’t actually certified and professional at all. All the while the victim does not know they are being massively scammed. This actually really scared me, because only a week ago I had booked a HVAC appointment with a kind of shady HVAC business. Since all of the good certified and credible HVAC corporations are busy during the summer, I was impatient and decided to go with a less known and probably not very good HVAC system. Their name was listed as a scam on the news, and a lot of the people arrested. I decided to be patient and go with one of the credible HVAC companies and just wait for my HVAC appointment. I’m glad they were caught before they managed to scam me and many more people!

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