Running furnace regularly isn'tfantastic our bills

Lately I have been keeping our furnace continuously running, to the point our apartment is like 75 degrees, which is incredibly moderate in our house.

Thankfully, even when I am in our house I don’t have to deal with the heat, because I also have a mini transportable cooling system which serves the purpose of keeping our room cool apart from the rest of the house, then now a lot of people would at this point ask why do I even go through this much trouble, and spend extra money on a separate cooling unit, when I can use our main central air conditioner proposal to cool our house? The reason is because I breed both parakeet and reptile eggs, which both need higher heated temperatures to incubate regularly.

I don’t have an incubator, at least no yet, so heating up our apartment and using low wattage heat lamps is the way I am incubating them right now, but most people won’t understand this kind of lifestyle, however it’s entirely because they are not into breeding critters. I don’t mind having most of our apartment entirely heated if it means getting all of the baby critters at the end of the month. The only thing that I don’t care for, is the fact that our bill is entirely also going to go up. Not that much, since it is Spring and everyone are still using their cooling units, however still more than I would like. Till then, I just stay in our room or go out more often to avoid getting hot, and it has worked just fantastic for me.

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