Security system for my mother

Because my mother lives alone, a security system was a good idea.

She is eighty years old and yet still very active and independent.

She mows her own lawn, attends town board meetings, plays cards with friends and is always busy. Although I check in with my mother every day, I worry about her. I want her to be protected, safe and secure. I’m concerned about break-ins as well her possibly falling and requiring assistance. I finally bought and had a security system installed for Mother’s Day. I invested in a top quality, state-of-the-art system with all of the latest features and round-the-clock monitoring. There are now sensors on every window in the house that prevent anyone from opening them or breaking the glass without setting off an alarm. There are surveillance cameras watching over every square foot of her driveway, lawn and front porch. Exterior lighting is activated by any detection of motion. She has smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, and all of the exterior doors include automated door locks. Anytime someone steps inside her house, a code needs to be punched into the security system. Failure to provide the correct series of numbers results in the alarm going off. The monitoring company then calls my mother and asks for a password. If she fails to answer or give the correct password, the authorities are notified. My mother sets off the alarm at least once per week. She forgets to punch in her code, doesn’t hear her phone ring and gets flustered by the alarm. She ends up with the police on her doorstep.

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