Seems my girlfriend will never put me first

My girlfriend and I have been dating for approximately 6 weeks. Both of us met at a club when both of us were there with a couple of friends. My girlfriend was undoubtedly sweet and kind and she offered to buy me a drink. Both of us sat down at a booth and started talking about life and work. I knew my girlfriend worked for a Heating and A/C service company‚Ķ She told me that she was often tied up and worked a tremendous amount of long hours. Both of us didn’t have our first date until many weeks after our first meeting, because she had to work on the weekend. Both of us had a few dates and then things started to get pretty serious. My girlfriend wanted me to transport into her apartment, however I didn’t want to live there by myself. She was basically always working on Heating and A/C device repairs and I didn’t want to spend every night alone. My girlfriend promised that she would easily cut back on her hours if I moved into the apartment. She told me that it would be no trouble after summer time was over, because there would be quite a bit less A/C repairs. It’s been 6 weeks since I moved into the place with my girlfriend and she still has not cut back on the hours at work. She is basically always working on an Heating and A/C service or replacement calls. She constantly answers the phone when work calls, even when it isn’t time for her to be working. I’m seriously tired of waiting for my girlfriend to put me first. I actually thought my girl would follow through on her promise to work far less.

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