Shoe repair shop doesn’t have regular HVAC maintenance

I’d only had my number one favorite boots for a month when the heel broke.

It was a windy winter day and I was in a hurry to get home, so I did not watch where I was stepping.

The next thing I knew, I was flying off the ground and landed on my bum. Luckily I had my winter coat on, so I wasn’t hurt by the fall, but when I stood up, I lost my balance again. My right heel had come loose and was on the verge of splitting away actually from my boots. It was such a shock because I expected better quality. But that was what I got for shopping online in a store with few reviews. The next day I went to the shoe repair shop to get the boot fixed. When I entered the shop, it was almost as cold as outside since the AC was faulty. The shop owner had turned the heating and A/C device on, but it was blowing a little sizzling air. That meant every client had to keep their coat on as we waited for our turn! After about an hour, the faulty air conditioner shut down. The little heated air was gone and now the store was cold. We inquired if the owner had phoned heating and A/C service. He told us she did, but they’d told him an AC expert would come by the shop the following day. The shoe repairman did not have a contract with the AC supplier. Hence never did official AC repair. It was a huge mistake since he had to close the shop until the next day when the air conditioner mechanic came by to repair it. I left the boot with him since it was taxing to remain in a store without a working heating unit.


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