Should know when to fold especially if you have a bad hand

“He’s not getting up from that hit and he seems to be in some serious pain” were the announcer’s words as he reported on the star quarterback of a team I had just placed my bet on… The injured QB was carted off the field and our team went on to lose by a relatively huge margin.

Nobody could have seen that coming, but it is proof that life can deal out a “bad hand” on occasion.

Poker is another interest where a terrible hand will cost you currency unless you have the best bluffing skills around. You could potentially luck out and fill an inside straight with your last draw, but the truth of the matter is, you never even know what will happen in pigskin and poker… With other things in life, there are all types of warning signs that something terrible is about to happen. This is recognizably how it goes with a home’s Heating and A/C appliance that will put the owner on notice with rattles, thumping, and strange noises. The terrible hand has been dealt and the owner must choose what to do with that. It’s tempting to ignore everything and hope the problem goes away, but that’s similar to bluffing with a terrible poker hand against professional players. The next available option is to get your toolkit and begin hammering away to find the source of the Heating and A/C appliance noise. This may put you in the hospital next to your star quarterback if you slam into a gas line or fail to discharge a capacitor while “exploring” the compressor appliance. The safest bet is to fold your hand by turning off the Heating and A/C appliance, and making a call to a qualified Heating and A/C professional. In most cases, the trouble with your heating and cooling appliance won’t be too serious. It will be easily repaired and you’ll still have enough currency left over to make horrible bets.

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