Signs that you need a heat and ac products repair or replacement

This summer I had an incident with my system.

I woke up one morning to find the house freezing, though it was extremely hot outside, the freezing temperatures inside were not welcomed.

Everything in moderation, right? Even moderation. So I went up to the attic to check on the ductless HVAC. The floor was all wet and the unit was making unusual noises. I was sure there was no troubleshooting I would do to improve the situation so I contacted an air conditioning expert to check on the system. A couple of months back, I made sure to perform air conditioning maintenance as I prepared for summer so I did not understand why the unit was now having issues. The a/c worker confirmed that the heat and ac products were not worn out but the refrigerant was leaking and so the unit was straining to provide the desired temperatures hence the noise. The a/c representative suggested also considering installing an air quality system to help with whole home air purification. He also recommended I try the HVAC supplier where I could get a variety of HVAC brands to choose from. I was fortunate I did not have to replace my unit, however, it was not the case with my friend. Her unit broke down about two weeks into summer and the cooling workman had recommended she replace her unit. She opted for a heat pump which is very efficient. The local contractor did the installation. Though she had to deal with constant air duct cleaning, she was fine having a new system. It is important you ensure to service your unit at least once a year as this prolongs the life of the unit and saves you constant repairs and repair costs.

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