Simple changes lead to big HVAC cost savings

I think we are all looking to make our household budget go further.

This is definitely the case in our home.

Particularly this year as the virus not only ravages our country’s health but is hitting us in the pocketbook as well. Both my wife and I are now working from home. I’m in the HVAC comfort of home all day, everyday. My wife still has to go to her office periodically but much of her work is done from home. This has cut into our income as we count on bonus money to fill out our budget. To make up for this shortfall, we have really had to carve up the budget. That meant that it was a much warmer summer in our home than ever before. However, it was the first time that we really committed to daily HVAC management. Where we live, it hovers around triple digits almost all summer. Since I was at home working, I decided to really work at keeping the HVAC no more than 15 degrees lower than the outside temperature. It wasn’t easy. But, I stuck with it. I employed fans, cooked most of our dinners on the grill and covered up windows to reduce direct sun heating. There were plenty of times where my wife and I sort of looked at each other and shook our heads. Yet, we totally stayed with it. And the results were totally astounding. We saved over 20 percent on utility costs compared to the previous summer. That is a ton of money added back into our household budget.

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