Skype date didn’t go well – dirt in air

Occasionally, I’m shocked by how observative other humans are.

I don’t know how I’m completely oblivious to my surroundings, but somebody pointed out a tiny detail that I’ve never noticed before and I’ve started questioning everything.

Recently, I agreed to go on a date via Skype with a new buddy and found myself being demoralized for terrible air quality from many hundred miles away. I’d grown bored with my normal friend group so I began networking a little on social media. When this guy asked me to do a date online, I was more than cheerful to agree. Unfortunately, it was only a couple of moments into the call before he began talking about my filthy indoor air more than trying to get to know me! According to him, the HVAC system hasn’t been doing a satisfactory task at filtering my indoor air. There must be a bunch of airborne contamination and pollution circulating throughout my air ducts that I’ve not been privy to before. This was obvious when my date started talking about the horrendous indoor air quality and need for a current media air cleaner. I was actually puzzled with his assumptions that my HVAC system was not up to par for a few minutes. This is when he told me he could literally see flecks of dirt floating through the air inside on our Skype call. I don’t know if it was the lighting from the computer or his impeccable eyesight, however my Skype date could legitimately see the dander and dirt that circulated from the air vents whenever my heating and cooling system started up. Obviously, I need new glasses, a new nose, and a brand new HVAC system.

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